Surround is a chromatic typeface system made for playful typesetting. It consists of 5 unique styles, that can be used both individual and superimposed. Possibilities multiply by varying what style, order and amount of layers you use. For full potential, it is powered by a series of Drawbot scripts. They allow rhythmic typesetting by alternating styles and amount within sentences or even words. It is tailored especially for analog overprinting printing techniques like Risograph and Stencil.

Ivo Brouwer

Ivo Brouwer is an independent type and graphic designer based in The Hague. Next to that, he is part of the High on Type collective, which specialised in experimental calligraphy. He teaches letter as/and/in image at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Before MA TypeMedia, he earned his BA Communication and Media Design (2016) and attended the Type@Cooper Condensed Program, New York (2019). He is now available for new projects and collaborations.


The typeface takes foundational inspiration from Jazz music. Musical compositions consist of separate elements that together make a whole. Each of these elements have their specific function within the group. The improvisational aspect of this music was important for the design process. What would happen if you think of typesetting as composing music? How would you arrange a typeface family if you think of it like a band?