Mobius typeface covers basic editorial design needs. After experimenting a wide range of tools, the project started with a basic question in typography. How do you translate/interpret an analog operation - in this case the rotation of a flat tip - into a digital one? The process was infinite and generated an array of shapes from a Sans to a Dispaly Serif. Finally, through a drawings methodology based on the phenomenon of overlap in calligraphy, the project puts forward a Text Serif that attempts to crystallize a tension between a calligraphic gesture and a mechanical construction. An eventually good learning process.

Tanguy Vanlaeys

Tanguy Vanlaeys is a type designer based in Lyon, France. He first studied graphic design in Marseille, then initiated a study about engraving fonts with CNC machinery at ANRT, Nancy. One year later, he joined the TypeMedia master course to dive into all the type design aspect. Now he is dividing his time between a role as type designer with 205TF team, occasional teaching and his independent type design practice.