This typeface is based on the growing of mushrooms. Or could be based on it. Or on the ocean waves. Or the breathing-in and breathing-out, or lightning of flashing glibber falling from heaven. But maybe it is just something you can move and play with. Letters you can tickle. Maybe the face has two styles: a mild one and a wild one. A mild one for the cautious people, for the cautious use, a wild one that could be used by the brave ones of us. One style to be sure of it all, but a second one that never predicts. That conquers and challenges. It could sink in into our technology – the stylesheets and the browsers we all use – to breathe there freely and to live on its own. But that you can play with it and have fun. Like a Mycelium network, that comes out for the game when it rains, to soak in the moist air, to show itself in the wildest forms and shapes that you could imagine, with a unique smell and glory colors.

Lukas Horn

Lukas is from Germany and studied design at the FH Potsdam. As a freelancer and founding partner of a design company he worked for film and publishers. After TypeMedia he went back to Germany to work at LucasFonts. He also freelanced for Typotheque and is now part of the Typostammtisch Berlin team.